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Though he is a person to whom things do not happen, perhaps they may when he is on the other side.

Edward Gorey - The Unstrung Harp


24 May 2015
I'm in the middle of turning this site into an actual blog, and updating more often. While I'm sorting out some kinks in my WP installation, updates will happen over at Necromancer Chronicles. Check in there for news and food blogging.

12 May 2015
Happy Book Day to me! Dreams is officially loose in the world today. Tor.com has some nice things to say.

20 April 2015
At 12:30 PM Sunday, May 17, I'll be appearing on Austin's KAZI 88.7 FM, for the KAZI Book Review with Hopeton Hay. With me will be my esteemed colleague Steve Winfrey, who is promoting his novel That Others May Live, a legal thriller with zombies. We'll also be making some signing appearances together. See below for more details.

Also, the next chapter of Dreams is up now. This is the last teaser chapter. She should be in bookstores in three weeks.

30 March 2015
I meant to post this last week, but then I got distracted with drowning in mud at Warrior Dash and the madness that is moving house. But the next chapter of Dreams is now up!

9 March 2015
The next chapter of Dreams is now live.

23 February 2015
Dreams of Shreds & Tatters is less than three months away! I've updated its page with the first chapter and the soundtrack.

26 August 2014
I'm excited to announce the start of my new project, Still So Strange Studios. Shinies will happen!

19 August 2014
Suddenly, cover art appears!

The artist is Jeffrey Alan Love, and I am as pleased as can be.

Upcoming Appearances

Signing w/ Steve Winfrey @ the Hideout Coffee House7:00 - 9:00 PM May 20, Austin, TX
Signing @ Dragon's Lair7:00 PM May 27, Austin, TX
Readercon 26July 9 - 12, Burlington, MA
ArmandilloCon 37July 24 - 26, Austin, TX
H.P. Lovecraft Film FestivalOctober 2 - 4, Portland, OR
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