I'm a fantasy writer, dark, urban and otherwise. I also write Lovecraftian romance, and occasionally very hand-wavey science fiction.

This is my official website, which mostly contains information about my writing projects and links to shiny things. I try to update regularly, as updateable happenings permit.

Though he is a person to whom things do not happen, perhaps they may when he is on the other side.

Edward Gorey - The Unstrung Harp


26 August 2014
I'm excited to announce the start of my new project, Still So Strange Studios. Shinies will happen!

19 August 2014
Suddenly, cover art appears!

The artist is Jeffrey Alan Love, and I am as pleased as can be.

15 August 2014
A release date of May 12, 2015 has appeared for Dreams of Shreds and Tatters. I don't have confirmation of this date yet, but it appears to be available for pre-order from Books-A-Million and other sources. More information as I have it.

3 June 2014
My ArmadilloCon schedule:

Vampires, WTF?!?
Sat 3:00 PM-4:00 PM Room E
Babcock*, Clarke, Downum, Faust, S. White
Vampires were such evil, dangerous creatures. How in the world did they become sparkling so quickly?

Sat 4:00 PM-5:00 PM Southpark A
Downum, Reisman

Alcoholic Drinks in Fiction
Sat 5:00 PM-6:00 PM Room F
Maresca*, Acks, Allen, Downum
Discussing the drinks mentioned in stories, movies and TV.

Sun 1:00 PM-2:00 PM Dealers' Room
Brust, Downum, Sarath

Sadly, ArmadilloCon is shaping up to be my only convention this year. Though it pains me greatly, I don't think I can make Readercon.

28 February 2014
Well, this has been an embarrassingly long time between updates. I spent a year trapped in Faerie. But now there is news!

News the first: My story "Snake Charmer" will be reprinted in Paula Guran's forthcoming anthology Magic City: Recent Spells, to be released in May.

News the second: My story "Snakebit" will appear in Strange Horizons later this spring.

News the third (burying the lede): I am thrilled to announce that my fabulous agent and I have sold my novel Dreams of Shreds & Tatters (a story of sex, drugs, and byakhee) to Solaris. Dreams will have its own page soon, with more details.

7 February 2013
I received my confirmation for the HPL Film Festival today, and have updated my appearances list again. I'll also be part of a group signing in Austin on March 28. Elizabeth Bear and other noteworthies will be in attendance. I've also update the soundtracks list to include "Red" and "Bone Garden."

Upcoming Appearances

(Spot the elusive Amanda in the wild.)

H.P. Lovecraft Film FestivalApril 11 - 13, Portland, OR
ArmadilloCon 36July 25 - 27, Austin, TX
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