Monday, April 18, 2016

Kingdoms of Dust dramatis personae

Cover art by Larry Rostant
  • Adam - a mercenary, Isyllt's bodyguard
  • Ahmar Asalar - priestess of the Unconquered Sun, and a member of Quietus
  • Ahmet Sahin - spymaster of Kehribar
  • Al-Jodâ'im - the Undoing, ancient spirits bound by Quietus
  • Asheris al Seth - an Assari mage, also a jinni
  • Corylus - an agent of Quietus
  • Isyllt Iskaldur - necromancer and sometime spy
  • Kash - a jinni, bound by Quietus
  • Khalil Ramadi - a member of Quietus
  • Melantha - an assassin with a past (several of them, in fact)
  • Moth - Isyllt's apprentice, formerly named Dahlia
  • Nerium Kerah - Melantha's mother, a member of Quietus
  • Raisa - a ghul
  • Samar al Seth - empress of Assar
  • Shirin Asfaron - a member of Quietus
  • Siavush al Naranj - a member of Quietus
  • Siddir Bashari - an Assari nobleman and spy
Assorted other courtiers, spies, hench-persons, and manticores.

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  1. That will be pretty interesting to watch a native acting play on the Arabic culture. Thanks for giving the actors list so that we can easily understand the play.