Monday, April 18, 2016

Our slow return to content

I'm in the slow and amazingly tedious process of rebuilding my website, one page at a time. I lost some newer content in the hosting migration (keep backups, kids!), but eventually all the old stuff will be back up. Eventually.

The good news is, I have time to grovel through old html because I finally finished a rough draft of The Poison Court. It's with my agent now, leaving me free to do things like sweep my house, go to the gym, and yes, website maintenance. For those of you just tuning in The Poison Court is a spin-off from The Bone Palace, following the further adventures of Savedra Severos and her various friends, relations, and adversaries. It is, I hope, the first of several Erisin intrigues.


  1. Sweet. The Bone Palace was my favorite of the first three books. I can't wait to go back. :)

  2. I'm so looking forward to The Poison Court and Erisin's political and preternatural intrigues! Now, how goes it on The Winter Road/Ashen Throne?

    1. The version of TWR I was working on several years ago has been scrapped. There's a story in there I would enjoy writing some day, but it's not an Isyllt story.

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