Monday, January 28, 2019

Now available for preorder!

The Poison Court is now available for discounted preorder at Smashwords and Amazon. It will be released at the end of February.

This novel continues the adventures and intrigues of Savedra Severos and everyone else left in Erisin after the events of The Bone Palace.

Savedra Severos is no stranger to intrigue. Mistress to the king of Selafai and daughter of a rival noble house, she navigates the treacheries of court with every breath.

On the eve of delicate peace talks, the court mage is found murdered. As Savedra investigates, she stumbles further into a web of secrets that enmeshes three kingdoms--entangling spies and sorcerers, lovers and enemies, strangers and kin. Among those secrets are Savedra's own, dangerous enough to destroy her king and her family if they come to light.

Traitors walk the palace halls, but the danger is more than political. Spirits prowl the city. Once a force of justice, now they seek only retribution--and they prey on those with blood on their hands. In a court fueled by schemes and secrets, not even Savedra is safe from their venomous touch.

"...some of the best fantasy politics/intrigue/spies/murder I have ever had the pleasure of reading." ~ Liz Bourke, Sleeps With Monsters

"Amanda Downum spins political intrigue and gorgeous prose with grace and style. Get this book into your eyeballs." ~ Marshall Ryan Maresca, author of the Maradaine Sequence

"Luxurious elegance and gloriously sharp dangers fill Amanda Downum's The Poison Court. As with every Downum book, readers will revel in beautifully rendered characters and elegant court machinations. What sets The Poison Court above the rest of its kind is the depth of feeling and intrigue in a setting where the past returns to betray the present; where entire fortunes can crumble on a simple taste, a slight glance, or a mere regret. Such a deft touch requires great skill and Downum never falters, nor does she ever turn her searing gaze away from the innermost secrets of The Poison Court." ~ Fran Wilde, author of Riverland and the Bone Universe novels

Sunday, January 20, 2019

That is not dead which can eventually be updated

I am not actually dead, not that you can tell by this site. Updates happen more frequently on my Patreon, if not by much. Right now, however, exciting things are in the works.

After myriad delays, The Poison Court--being the continuing adventures of Savedra Severos and her various friends, enemies, and relations--will be coming soon to an ebook near you. Preorders aren't available yet, but hopefully will be in the next couple weeks.

I am thoroughly delighted to be spending time with Savedra and Varis and all the denizens of Erisin again. This won't be the last of their intrigues.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

And I ran, I ran so far away

In January I ran Austin's 3M Half Marathon. This month I'm running the Austin Half Marathon. Not only because I enjoy torturing my tendons, but because I'm fundraising for Out Youth. So if any of you have a little to contribute to programs and services for Central Texas queer kids, or just want to encourage me to run ridiculous distances, you can donate here:

Anything is appreciated, even a link or good wishes for my poor limbs. This one has hills.

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Poison Court, read

Last week I read at Austin's Malvern Books with Marshall Ryan Maresca and Yasser Bahjatt, and the staff were kind enough (cruel enough?) to film us.

So if you're interested in The Poison Court, here is a highly abridged version of Chapter 1.

I need to project more. Marshall and Yasser's readings are also available on Malvern's Facebook page, if you'd like to hear them as well.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Kitchen necromancy

Necromancing the Stove?

Tonight I'll be joining Chris-Rachael Oseland (AKA Kitchen Overlord--you know, the sandworm bread) on Facebook Live at 8:00 PM Central to help demo the dark art of bone marrow creme brûlée.  Tune in to be thrilled and amazed, and possibly repulsed by the squishy parts.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My WorldCon schedule

I had a fantastic time at ArmadilloCon, so I can only hope WorldCon will be even more fun. Anything you drive 12 hours to reach has to be fun, right?

Thursday, Aug 18

6:00 PM Creating a World: Fantasy vs. Science Fiction vs. Horror
Kansas City Convention Center - 2209

Friday, Aug 19

11:00 AM Autographing: Amanda Downum, Stephen Leigh, Carrie Patel, Alex Shvartsman, Michael Swanwick
KCCC - Autographing space

5:00 PM Queering Heroic Fantasy
KCCC - 2204

Saturday, Aug 20

11:00 AM The Art of Worldbuilding
KCCC - 2502A

2:00 PM Reading
KCCC - 2202

Sunday, Aug 21

2:00 PM Women of Wonder at 21
KCCC - 3501B

Monday, August 1, 2016

Fossil Heart

I had a lovely time at ArmadilloCon, and today the latest issue of Nightmare Magazine is available, featuring my story "Fossil Heart." This may or may not be a heartwarming story about a girl and her dog.