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The Necromancer Chronicles

The Drowning City
The Bone Palace
Kingdoms of Dust

On names

Cover art by Larry Rostant

Author's note: I borrowed or modified many names from real languages, most of which I do not speak. This guide reflects my personal pronunciations, not necessarily the correct ones. I apologize for any undue butchery.

Isyllt - EES-ult, or EE-zult

Asheris - a-SHARE-is

Sivahran names:

X is pronounced 'sh'. The stress is nearly always on the second syllable.

Xinai - shin-EYE
Anhai - anh-EYE
Vienh - vee-ENH
Deilin - day-LIN
Selei - sel-AY

© 2006 - 2009 Amanda Downum. Brushes by Annika von Holdt.